giovedì 18 febbraio 2010

A trio of pleasure

Restaurant - Ice-cream parlour: Bijeli
Address: Cardo Maximus
Porec, Croazia

Chocolate ice-cream with a heap of whipped cream
Price: 35kuna, about 5€

Commentary: very good ice-cream, not so much the whipped cream because it was a not-dairy cream

Mixed meat grill: cevapcici, raznici, hamburger, chicken breasts with chicken fries, duved, raw onion and ajivar.
Price: 70 kuna, about10€

Commentary: High quality meat but side dish not so rich

Cake with whipped cream, strawberries, spongecake. Gelatin coated
Price: 10 kuna, about1,40€

Commentary: Excellent cake, nothing to object. Incredible price

Overall mark: 8,5

A barbecue paradise

Restaurant: Paradiso
Address: Boze Milanovica
Porec, Croatia

Paradise mixed grill:
Mixed meat grill for 2 people (cevapcici*, raznici**, hamburger, liver and chicken breasts) with french fries, duved***, raw onion e ajivar****
Price: 110 Kuna, about 15€

Commentary: there is no question: excellent! A very large meal.
Mark: 10

*cevapcici: little sausages of minced meat, usually of beef, pork and lamb
**raznici: meat put on the spit
***duved: rice with tomatoe and pepper
****ajivar: sauce made with peppers and aubergine. It can be spicy or not

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